Touching and Feeling

My Very First Games
Feeling & Touching
A game collection for 1 - 2 players ages 2+.
Editing: HABA
Design: Jutta Neundorfer
Length of the game: approx.10 minutes

Dear Parents, This game offers your child a variety of ideas for different activities
• Free play without rules for the youngest ones
• Tactile game: “What did the sheep eat?“
• Game variation: “Feeling the pairs” Lots of fun touching and playing! Sincerely, Your inventors of inquisitive playthings

1 tactile fabric sheep
(with opening to hide the wooden pieces)
12 wooden pieces
1 little bag
6 shamrocks
Set of game instructions

Game idea: Free Play
Free play encourages improved motor skills. Children reach out to feel the different shapes;
the game material is especially designed for the small children's hands.
Play with your child! Talk about the colors and shapes of the wooden pieces thus stimulating your child's language, auditory and creative skills as well as enhancing the joy of playing. Encourage your child to act out and role-play.

Tactile game: “What did the sheep eat?“ Place the wooden pieces in the center of the table and take a close look at them.
Take each piece in your hand and feel its shape. There are two copies of each wooden piece. Place one piece of each pair into the little bag. The other pieces stay in the center of the table, and next to them, the sheep and the shamrocks.

How to Play

Who of you has already stroked a sheep?
You start. If you cannot agree the younger child starts. While the other player closes his eyes, take the sheep and the little bag.
Select a wooden figure from inside the little bag, then hide it inside the fabric sheep.
Then ask the question "What has the sheep eaten?"
The other player opens his eyes. He takes the sheep into his hands and tries to find out by using his fingers to feel which wooden piece is hidden in the belly. When he thinks he has the right solution he takes the corresponding wooden figure from the center and places it in front of him. Then together you check to see if the solution correct by removing the wooden piece out of the sheep's belly.

Are the wooden pieces identical?
• Yes?
Well done! As a reward for guessing correctly the player may take a shamrock from the center and keep it in front of him.
• No?
Pity, the player doesn't get a shamrock.
Then the wooden piece that was hidden in the sheep's belly is returned to the little bag, and the one chosen from the center is also put back where it was. Now you swap roles and the other player hides a wooden figure in the belly of the sheep.

End of the Game
The game ends as soon as all the shamrocks are distributed. The player who has the most wins the game. In case of a draw the players both win.

Instead of hiding just one wooden figure in the belly, try hiding two pieces! This will make the game a little more difficult.

Variation: “Feel the pairs”
The same rules as in “What did the sheep eat?“ apply, except for the following changes:
• The wooden pieces from the center are kept out of sight in the game box.
• One of them is hidden in the belly of the sheep.
• The player first has to figure out by touch which piece is hidden in the belly and then also find just by touch the corresponding piece in the bag and pull it out.
• The two pieces are compared and rewarded with a shamrock if they form a matching pair.