Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples

The Game of Crazy Combinations

Ages 12+
4-8 Players

Apples to Apples is the wild party game that provides instant fun for four to eight players! Just select th Red Apple card from your hand that you think is best described by the Green Apple card played by the judge. If the judge picks your card, you win the round. It's as easy as comparing "apples to apples!"


Red Apple Cards - x438
Each featuring the name of a person, place, thing or event.

Green Apple Cards - x62
Each featuring two words that describe a person, place, thing or event.

Blank Cards (3x red, 1x green)


Be the first player to collect 4 Green Apple cards by making the best combinations

Setting up:

1. Shuffle the Red Apple cards together.
2. Shuffle the Green Apple cards together.
3. Take one Red Apple card deck and the Green Apple card deck and place them face down.
4. Choose a player to be the first judge.
5. The judge deals 5 Red Apple cards, face down, to each player(including him or herself). Players may look at their cards.

Playing the Game:

1. The judge takes a Gren Apple card from the top of the stack, chooses one of the words and reads it aloud, then places the card face up on the table.

2. All players (except the judge) choose the Red Apple card from their hand that they think is best described by the word on the Green Apple card and place their card face down on the table.

The judge chooses which word to play!

Quick Pick Option:

With five or more players, you might want to try Quick Pick Option. The last Red Apple card placed on the table will not be judged and is returned to that player's hand. If you snooze, you lose!

3. The judge mixes up the Red Apple cards, turns over each one and reads it aloud.

4. Now it's time to make a case to the judge. Players should explain why their card is the perfect fit and try to convince the judge to choose it. "Table talk" is one of the most important - and hilarious - parts o the game!

5. After hearing all the explanations, the judge selects the Red Apple card he or she thinks is best described by the word on the Green Apple card. The person who played the Red Apple card is awarded the Green Apple card. To keep score, players keep the Green Apple cards they've won on the table until the end of the game.

6. Place all Red Apple cards played during the round in a discard pile.

7. The card decks and the role of judge pass to the player on the left. The new judge deals enough Red Apple cards to bring each player's hand back up to 5, turns over another Green Apple card and the next round begins.

Winning the Game:

The first player to collect 4 Green Apple cards wins the game!

Playing Tips:

-> It's OK to play a Red Apple card that isn't a perfect fit. Judges will often pick the most creative, humorous or interesting response - like "Dangerous Poodles" or "Sexy Abraham Lincoln."

-> Red Apple cards that begin with "My" should be read from the judge's point of view. For example, when the judge reads "My Love Life," it should be assumed that it is the judge's love love that is being described by the word on the Green Apple card.

Apples to Apples variations:

After you've played the basic game, try these variations:

Crab Apples

For a tart twist, choose and judge Red Apple cards that are the leasst like, or the opposite of, the word on the Green Apple card. For example, you might choose "Charging Rhinos" when the green card "Dainty" is played.

2 for 1 Apples

For a real deal, each player selects the Red Apple cards from their hand that is best described by both words on the Green Apple card played by the judge.

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