Balderdash Rules


The Game of Twisting Truths


  • Smart device with internet access for all players
  • 280 game cards


Make up answers that will bluff the other players. Earn points for fooling other players into believing your bluff as well as for choosing the real answer.


 Each player will need a device that can connect to the internet and use google forms. This is necessary to prevent anyone from knowing who is writing in braille and who is not.

Have one player connect to the google sheet page and make a copy of it. This should be shared with all other players.


Assign each player one of the player sheets.


Randomly choose the start player to be the first Dasher, the player reading the card for that round.

The Dasher looks at the randomizer cell on the dasher sheet, takes a card from the card box, and reads the corresponding category and question.

Here are the categories:

  1. weird words: What's the definition?
  2. Peculiar People: Who are they?
  3. Incredible Initials: What do they stand for?
  4. Marvelous Movies: What's this movie about?
  5. Laughable Laws: What's this law?
  6. The Dasher chooses the category

NOTE: To start, it's a good idea to take one card from the deck and read all of the clues along with the answers, this will get the players familiar with the categories and how the real answers appear.

All players write the word(s) read out loud by the Dasher in the "Question" section of their sheet.

The Dasher writes the real answer from the black-bordered side in their "Answer section.

The other players make up an answer and write it down in their player sheet on the google document. The answers can be silly or serious, but the point is to fool the other players.

When everyone is done with their answer, they let the Dasher know they are finished.

The Dasher reads all of them out loud, trying NOT to make it obvious which one is the real answer.

NOTE: Players shouldn't get or give any clues as to which answer is theirs. They should be discreet when writing their answer and when giving it to the Dasher. The Dasher should also be discreet if they're having trouble reading an answer.

Starting with the player to the Dasher's left and moving clockwise, each player chooses which answer they think is real. The Dasher does not reveal the real answer until everyone has guessed.


Under ANSWER: The dasher writes the real answer. All other players write their made up answer.

Under ROUND SCORE The Player counts every point scored during this round as people vote for their answers.

Under TOTAL SCORE The Player adds the total after the round is complete.


After everyone's guessed, the Dasher reveals the real answer, and each player scores their player's sheet, then adds it to the total score.

Scores are tallied as follows:

1 point to players for every vote their answer gets

2 points to players who guessed the real answer

3 points to the Dasher if no one guesses the real answer

3 points to any player who writes an answer very similar to the real answer. They do not get extra points for guessing the real answer. If more than one player writes an answer similar to the real answer, restart the round with a new card. The player with similar answers all get 3 points.

The next player in clockwise order is now the Dasher and play continues.


The first player to reach 15 points wins! If more than one person reaches 15 at the same time, they share the victory.