Blockus Rules


Game board
84 pieces in four colors (21 pieces per color – red, blue, yellow, green).


Try to fit as many of your squares on the board as you can.


Each player chooses a color and takes that set of 21 pieces.
Choose a player to go first, and play proceeds clockwise around the board.


The first piece played by each player must cover a corner square.

Players take turns laying down one piece at a time.
Each new piece must touch at least one other piece of the same color, but only at the corners.
Pieces of the same color can never touch along a side.

There are no restrictions on how pieces of different colors may contact each other.

Once a piece has been placed on the board it cannot be moved.
Whenever a player is unable to place a piece on the board, that player
must pass their turn. 

The game ends when no player can place any more pieces.



Once the game ends, players count the number of squares in their remaining
pieces. The player with the lowest number of squares wins!


When you’re ready for more of a challenge, try advanced scoring – players are now competing for the highest score.
Each player counts the number of squares in their remaining pieces:
1 square = -1 point. A player earns +15 points if all of their pieces have been
placed on the board plus 5 additional bonus points if the last piece they placed
on the board was the smallest piece (one square).



◆ One player controls blue and red, and the other player controls yellow
and green.
◆ The playing order is blue, yellow, red, green.
◆ At the end of the game, players calculate their scores by counting up the
squares in both colors they control.


◆ Each player chooses one color.
◆ The playing order is blue, yellow, red, green.
◆ The remaining color is shared, and is played alternately by each player.
◆ Final scores are calculated in the same way as for the standard 4-player game.

The score of the shared color is ignored.



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