Bonus Characters Harbour

abbey 11vp h $11 gain one of each good, each foe gains 1 of their choice
alchemist shop 5vp a $6 -4 mixed goods +4 any single type
architectual society 10vp c $10 +1 s and buy a building
bait shop 8vp w $8 gain 1 f per a
bank 10vp c $10 shift one market marker to the lowest and bump the others accordingly
blacksmith 5vp a $6 -3 of one type +2 of two different types
butcher 7vp w $7 -1 l +1 fst
canal lock 9vp a $9 -2 of two different types +5 of another type
carpenter's guild 7vp a $8 -3 f +5 t
cartographers 9vp ha $10 draw 5 cards, you may build 1, shuffle remaining back
clocktower 12vp ac $12 spend 1 good of a type, next turn move to a building and perform it twice
fish bonus 1 for 1vp 3 for 2vp 4 for 3 vp 5 for 4vp 6 for 5vp
fish market 13vp w $11 minus any # of a good, that # +1 f
floating dock 9vp hw $10 +2 f or +1 f +1 any if you have the most or tied for most a
foreign trade office 8vp c $9 -3 of 1 type +4 of 1 other type
ghost ship 0vp $x move to a building occupied by a player, you may do this free of charge. Then replace this card with a new one shuffling this back in
golem crafters 6vp w $6 -5 l +5 s
house of weights and standards 6vp w $6 rearrage market markers as you please
inn 8vp w $7 -1 fts +4 l
library 10vp h $10 buy 2 buildings
lighthouse 10vp h $10 gain a different type of good per anchor you have
lumber guild 6vp h $8 +1 t per a
masoner's hall 8vp wc $9 -1 s +1 flt
privateer ship 9vp ha $9 shift one market marker to the highest bumping others down and convert 1 good to 2 of a different type
pub 5vp h $7 -1 ts +2 lf
quarry 6vp c $8 gain 1 s per a
ranch 5vp h $7 gain 1 l per a
salvage yard 8vp c $9 -5 of 1 type +3 of 2 other types
seaside crane 10vp wc $11 convert a number of goods from one type to another equal to a and then buy a building
shipbuilders guild 9vp w $9 convert a number of goods equal to your a +1 to other type
stock market 11vp c $11 double the amount of any good type
storehouse 8vp ha $10 gain 1 good of any type plus of that type 1 per w
sushi shop 7vp a $8 -1 f +1 lst
tax office 10vp wc $11 each foe gives you 1 good of their choice. in 2 player take additional matching good
traders guild 11vp a $10 +1 t and swap two market markers
wizard's traveling imaginarium 0vp $x swap a building you own with one for sale shipping the price difference in goods. shuffle this into the deck
woodworker's hut 7vp w $7 -1 t +1 fsl