Buildings Harbour

alchemist - a - +1 s +1 any or buy a building - once during your turn you may spend a good to convert 2 goods of one tpye to another single goods type - I swaer, if we have even one more explosion.. I am at my wits end! Every other other day it's boom! Eureka! and kablam! or ag haa! I don't care she ever actually finds out how to make gold, she couldn't possibily make enough to my for all the damages she's already done! ... She makes excellent root beer though. -dockmaster Schlibble
begger - a - +1 any or buy a building - when another player gains goods from their start building, you gain 1 good of your choice. - Don't be fooled, the beggars guild is one of the most profitable guilds in the city! The rags and ditry cheeks is all an act. A more clever bunch of people you won't come across, not in this city anyway. The cat thing? Well that's another matter. Mr. Fiddlesworth needs his space, don't get too close. -dockmaster Schlibble
bookkeeper - c - +1 t +1 any or buy a building - when buying a building, keep any excess goods that would normally be lost. - In life he worked for one of the richest men in the city, or so he says strange man this one... keeps asking for more coal. I keep telling him that he's got no flesh to warm anymore but he doesn't listen. Works long hours though. -dockmaster Schlibble
clockwork tradesman - a - +1 f +1 any or buy a building - when buying a building, if you ship the good in the 2+ market slot, gain an additional $1 - the elves found this one out in the woods rusting away, we had the gnomes change his fluids and wind him up. industrious little fellow. he's making us all look bad, luckily he seems to run down from time to time, give him a wind if you see him standing around would you? -dockmaster Schlibble
diplomat - ah - +1 l +1 any or buy a building - You may use a building that someone else is already using. if you do, that player gains a good of their choice. - the diplomat has come from lands far from our shores, she is courteous, well spoken and quite lovely, but she does seem to be put off by some of the "ethinic foods" We offered her, something about the garlic? also she seems to sleep all day long, these foreigners can be so odd. -dockmaster Schlibble
dockhand - aa - +1 f +1 any or buy a building - ignore further anchors you acquire. - How we ever managed to convince him to work the docks is a mystery, but the man is a living crane. I've never seen the ships get loaded so fast. I swear if the thing is through we never had to give the loading ranes any dockworker's guild breaks, with a little more work ethic, this guy would be unstopable. -dockmaster Schlibble
drover - a - +1 l +1 any or buy a building - whenever you gain livestock, you may adjust the price of livestock up or down by 1 on the market board. - They say it takes a thief to catch a thief... but hiring a wolf to watch your flock of sheep? He keeps insisting he's fine and yet I swear that twitch of his is getting worse! The poor thing smells of wet dog cause of the constant drooling, no wonder he's such a expert with al things livestock -dockmaster Schlibble
efficiency expert - aw - +1 any or buy a building- When you use your starting building, you may both gain a good of your choice AND buy a building. - If you were to ask me to sum him up in a word I'd have to say edgy, or maybe pale? Poor fellow has to dart around from place to place to stay out of the sun. All day's he's running around saying "i'm late I'm late" amazing he can be late when he never puts away that watch of his! -dockmaster Schlibble
entrepreneur - aw - +1 s +1 any or buy a building - if you trigger the end of game, you add 3vp to your score. - he takes great pride in being a 'self made man' though man might be a bit of a stretch. The lads and I have been taking guesses as to what species he is based on his smell! Best odds are some kind of small troll, though it's a little hard to tell with the horrid stench of the things in his 'food cart.' Whatever you do, don't eat anything he sells you -dockmaster Schlibble
fisherman - a - +1 any type of good or buy a building - when you gain any fish, gain an additional fish - this man gives a whole new meaning to the idea of obsession, he goes on and on about some white fish. It could drive a man to drink. But I suppose he's pretty good with a harpoon, on and whatever you do, don't ask him about his leg - dockmaster Schlibble
investor - c - +1 l +1 any or buy a building - after buying a building, gain one good of your choice. - 'dis man is an upstanding member of de community. He is a legit'amit businessman and not up to no good. Dis here statement is made under no coursh'un dere. You print dat, every word or me and Vinne here 'ere will be back for anudder visit, you hear?' -dockmaster Schlibble
lord mayor - a - +1 l +1 any and buy a building - you may use h as if they were both h and a - no one knows why he calls himself the 'lord' mayor. He started with all that after he saw that painting of himself in the harbour market. He's a jolly sort but watch yourself... he's as shrewd as they come. He knows his way 'round that market like I know my way 'round these docks! -dockmaster Schlibble
mason - a - +1 s +1 any or buy a building - When anybody ships s, gain 1 s - Need quality stonework? Dwarves. They know their stones alright. Maybe a little too well... no one should talk to an inanimate object as much as dwarves do it feels almost indecent -dockmaster Schlibble
neighbor - w - +1 any or buy a building - When you use use this building, you may instead copy the ability of any other player's owned, unoccupied buiding, including starting buildings. - nice fellow. A little boring, but nice. Drones on and on about the virtues of dragon vapour as a fuel source. He keeps an immaculate lawn though, I must admit. He's quite the king of the grille at cookouts as well. -dockmaster Schlibble
noble - h - +1 any or buy a building - At the beginning of the game, look at the top 2 building cards and buy 1 of them for no cost. It is worth $0 and 0vp, and doesn't count toward the game end trigger. Put the other building back on top of the deck. - The honourable something or other. Not even sure what he does around here. Still nobility is nobility. They always seem aller in the paintings don't they? -dockmaster Schlibble
penny pincher - w - +1 f +1 any and buy a building - when you buy a building that costs less than the money you earned from shipping, place the building in your area sideways. In a future "buy a building" action you may turn a building upright to gain $1 towards your purchase. The building behaves normally while sideways. - coupon clipping coupons for everything! Last week I saw her at Camden's yard sale, a merchant's stall in the inner harbour... she walked away with an armful of goods and all the pood sap had to pay her for the privledge! Merchants sound the sirens when she calls. Coupons!
speculator - c - +1 s +1 any - at the end of the game, add vp equal to the current market value of stone to your score - Hogwash! I don't believe it! Lighting tricks and mirrors! Mirrors and strings! And... and... flash! powder! I'd rather take my investment advice from those little stone tablets with funny sayings you find in troll ookies still it would help expand my portfolio. I'd appreciate his limited perspective. -dockmaster Schlibble
structural engineer - a - +1 t +1 any or buy a building - tuck buildings you buy under the tope of your character card so the action space is covered. Their action can't be used anyone, but they are worth +1 vp at the end of the game. You still benefit from their building icons. - The man seems to be perpetually wrapped in bandages. I asked him about it and he muttered something to do with 'living up to expecctations.'. He's a good chap, knows his engineering, but he's mad for triangles I tell you he's also in a constant state of denile when it comes to the functionality of buildings. -dockmaster Schlibble
the wharfs - a - +1 any and +1 any or buy a building - those damn gnolls wil stead anything that isn't nailed down! If you have maxed out your storehouse's room for any o the room types, you'll have to leave the rest outside.. don't expect to see them in the morning 0 constiable O'Brady - this may sound crazy but, don't try to split up the orders. You know how terrible those ogres are at counting? last week I told one of em to three barrels of fish to the pier, the thick brute took all fourteen best just point at a load of one type of good and tell em to take em all. It'll save usa all a headache at the most we'll lose a unit or two. Trust me it'll be worth it. -dockmaster Schlibble
training dummy - a - discard and replace a building from the center row or buy a building - training dummy can visit his character card even if occupied. each top hat training dummy has negates player's top hat. Each warehouse training dummy has saves him 1 of each type of resource he ships. - training dummy will: visit buildings in center row in order skipping occupied buildings then go to its starting building. buy whenever possible, shipping all goods he can and buying the most expensive building possible. Take the resource highest on the market and give up the resoucce lowest on the market when there is a choice. If there is any other decision involved or he cannot take an action he will gain 1 of each resource instead
travel agent - aw - +1 t +1 any or buy a building - when an opponent uses another player's building, you gain a good of your choice. - Fast and affordable travel, fah! You'll never catch me on one of those things, She promises she'll get you there, and your little dog too! And don't get me started with the pre-flight security checks what could they possibly expect to find hidden in my shoes?! -dockmaster Schlibble
wholesaler - a - +1 f +1 any or buy a building - when buying a building, keep 1 of each good type shipped. - his title is some sort of "puune" he says. honestly the man is a crook I tell you but I suppose he can't get into too much trouble what with a peg leg and the missing eye, one hand... you know I hear he's got one buttock!? How a man loses a thing like that is beyond me. -dockmaster Schlibble