Chutes and Ladders Rules


The object of the game is to be the first player to go from square number 1 to square number 100.


• One heavy-duty bi-fold gameboard 

• 1 Oversized spinner

• 4 Playing pieces with plastic stands


Take a look at the gameboard and notice that all of the squares are numbered. Square 1 is in the lower left hand corner.  As you play, you move back and forth, first to the right to square 10, then to the left to square 20, now again to the right to square 30, etc., until you reach square 100 at the top.


1.  Place the “children” playing pieces into their plastic stands.  Each player chooses a different    playing piece.

2.  Spin the spinner to see who starts the game.  The player spinning the highest number plays first.     Other players follow in turn from left to right.

3.  All players start their playing pieces just off the playing board next to square number 1 and move one   square for each number spun on the spinner.  For example, if the spinner points to five, move your   playing piece five squares.  Each player has one turn at a time.

4.  Ladders:  Should your playing piece stop on a picture square at the BOTTOM   of a LADDER, for example on square 9, you must move UP to picture square   31 at the top of that LADDER.  On your next turn you move along towards   square number 40.  LADDERS LEAD UP ONLY.

5.  Chutes:  Should your playing piece land on a picture square at the TOP of a   CHUTE, for example on square 49, you must move DOWN to picture square   11 at the bottom of that CHUTE.  On your next turn move along towards   square number 20.  CHUTES LEAD DOWN ONLY.  Note that all ladders and   chutes begin and end in “picture” squares that are related to each other.

6.  The squares without pictures, but through which parts of the Chutes and    Ladders pass, are counted as regular squares.

7.  Two or more players may stop on any square at the same time if their moves   happen to land them in that position.


1.  Square 100 must be reached by an exact spin of the spinner, or by the LADDER   from picture square number 80.

2.  The first player to reach the Blue Ribbon Corner, number 100, WINS THE GAME!