Coin Age

Adam P McIver's
Coin Age

Game Overview:
Coin Age is a microgame for two players that is played with a single card and pocket change. Players take turns placing coings on a map to control spaces, outmaneuver their opponent, and score victory points.

Setup: Place a map ard in the center of the play area diretly between the two players.

Each player begins the game with 10 coins on their side of the play area, which forms their "bank": 4 dimes, 3 pennies, 2 nickels, and 1 quarter.

Start Player
To determine which player will play the game as "heads" and "tails", one player flips a coin. The result of the flip is their "side". When placing a coin on the map, always make sure that your correct side is up.

The heads player takes the first turn.

Turn sequence
At the beginning of your turn, take one of each different rank of your remaining coins from your bank and into your hands.

Thoughly shake up the coins in your hands and slap them down flat on the table.

You may now perform ations based on how many of your coins match your side.


Actions listed by a slap result are optional and may be taken in any order.

4 matches - Place or pay 1 to place 3
3 matches - Place 2
2 matches - Place 2
1 match - Place 1 AND move
0 matches - Capture AND move

Place: Take one of your matching coins and place it with your side up either:
a. in an empty space
b. on top of a coin or stack of coins that currently occupies a space, as long as the coin you are placing is a lower rank than the coin it is being placed on top of.

Pay: Transfer one of your matching coins to your opponent's bank.
Move: Move all the coins in any one space to an empty adjacent space.
Capture: Remove a coin from the map and place it in your bank. The captured coin must be either:
a. in a space by itself
b. the top of a stack of coins.

Game end:

The game ends immediately when either:
a. A player places a coin in the last empty space on the map
b. A player has placed all their remaining coins on the map.

The players then add up their victory points(VP) based on:

1. Coin Ranks
Coins that "control" spaces score VP equal to their rank. A coin "controls" a space if it either:
a. is in the space by itself.
b. the top of a stack if coins on the space.

2. Region bonuses:
For each color-coded region, if a player controls more spaces than their opponent, the VP scored by their coins in that region is doubled. No region bonus is given in the case of a tie.

3. Bank bonuses:
Players sccore 1 bonus VP per coin remaining in their bank at the end of the game.
The player with the most VP wins! Tie breakers:
In the case of a tie, the player with the highest total rank of coins in their bank is the winner.

Game design and artwork:
Adam P. McIver

Playtesting and development: J. Alex Kevern, Levi Baer, Pocket Earnhart,

Thank you to the 9,055 AMAZING Kickstarter backers who made this game a possibility.

Coin Age is copyright 2014 Tasty Minstrel Games

Accessible rules transcribed by Richard Gibbs for 64 Oz. Games accessibility kit in accordance with copyright law, 17 U.S.C. ยง 121: