Don't Llama Rules

Don't Llama the Card Game

Players: 2-6 Ages: 8 and up Duration: About 20 minutes

Invented by Reiner Knizia with illustrations by Rey Sommerkamp and Barbara Spelger.

The Object of the Game

To have the smallest number of points when one player’s score reaches 40 points.


56 cards (8 each with values 1-6 & 8 llamas)

70 markers (20 black 10s, 50 white 1s)

Setting Up the Game

1. Shuffle all of the cards and deal 6 cards to each player.

2. Place the remaining cards in the center of the table to form a face-down draw pile.

3. Turn over the top card from the draw pile to start a discard pile.

4. Place all of the markers on the table.

5. The game is played in rounds—the youngest player starts the first round.

6. Play passes to the left.


Playing the Game

On your turn, you must take one of three actions:

• Play a card from your hand onto the discard pile

• Draw a card to add to your hand

• Quit the round

1. Play a card The top card on the discard pile determines which card you can play:

• You can play a card with the same value as the top card or one with that value plus one.

• You can play llamas on top of 6s or other llamas.

• You can also play 1s on top of llamas.

2. Draw a Card Draw

Draw 1 card from the draw pile. You can’t play a card on the same turn that you draw one, so play passes to your left. If the draw pile runs out, don’t create a new one. From now on, you can’t choose this action.

3. Quit the Round

If you can’t play a card (or don’t want to) and choose not to draw a card, you must quit the current round. Place your cards in front of you, face down

A round ends immediately when: • one player plays his/her last card or • all players have quit the round.

If all players but one have quit the round, that player continues to play, but may no longer draw cards.

4. Scoring Every card you did not play gives you negative points, whether it’s in your hand or face down in front of you because you quit the round. Each card is worth its value in points. Llamas are worth 10 points. However, you count each card value only once per round, so if you have two 4s, for example, you only get four points, and all of your llamas only give you 10 points. Taking Markers Add up your negative points and take that number of markers. White markers are worth 1 point and black markers are worth 10 points. You may exchange 10 white markers for 1 black marker (or 1 black for 10 whites) at any time.

Returning Markers If you have managed to play all of your cards and you have markers from an earlier round, you may return one of your markers — either a 1-point marker or a 10-point marker, your choice.

After all players are done scoring it’s time to start a new round. Shuffle all of the cards and deal six to each player. Start a new discard pile with the top card from the draw pile. The last player to play a card in the previous round starts off the new round.

The End of the Game

Continue playing until one of you has collected 40 or more points. The player with the fewest points wins the game. If there is a tie, the players who tied share the victory.

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