Encore Rules


For anyone old enough to remember the words to the songs they love! You'll need 2 or more players or teams.


To win, your team has to be the first to get to the end of the playing board track by remembering parts of songs containing a specific word or category - and then finally making it though the Grand Finale.


  • 1 deck of 96 Cards
  • 1 Game board
  • 1 20-second timer
  • 1 die
  • 3 pawns and this lovingly constructed set of instructions.



First - Divide players into two teams (unless there are three of you, in which case you can play by going around in whatever direction you choose. These instructions apply to two-player or team play, but adjusting to three-player isn't too difficult. Just modify what we've written to apply to three instead of two.)

It doesn't matter if there are exactly the same number of people on each team, so don't get too technical. A fun suggestion is always playing "girls against guys", but its up to you!

Next - Shuffle the cards, and place them face down nearby.

Then - Place your pawn at "Start" and keep the timer close at hand. And finally - Roll to see who goes first (the higher roll).



The starting team (1) rolls the die and advances that many spaces on the board. Team 2 then draws a card from the deck and announces the Sing Off Word. (Note: The spaces will be explained in full detail later... hold your horses!)


1.) Once the Sing Off Word has been read aloud, Team 1 has 30 seconds in which to A.) Remember a song with that word in the lyrics, and B.) SING at least 6 words from that song (including the Sing Off Word) Remember YOU HAVE TO SING AT LEAST 6 WORDS, and we mean SING! 2.)

Now the other team (2) has to do the same thing using the same word or category, but obviously with a different song. (Duh!) 3.) The two teams or players go back and fourth like this until one of the teams appears to be stumped and the Sing Off Word exhausted. That's when the other team gets nasty and starts the timer. 

The team being timed now has 20 seconds left to save themselves.  If they cannot come up with a song before the timer runs out, the team that turned the timer over takes control of the board, and rolls to continue play.  BUT should the team come up with that always elusive "one more song" before the timer runs out, the second and clearly more obnoxious team gets the shaft and must let the other team roll and move ahead.  In other words, you'd better think mighty hard before you turn the timer over and set a limit on your opponent(s). Because if they come up with a song in time, the round is over and they get to move ahead.

THE SPACES: WORD - The color of the space you land on determines which word you will play from the card. (ie: land on red, and play the word on the red line on the card) Tricky, isn't it?

CATEGORY When you land on a Category Space you will have to find songs that contain something within the specific category noted at the bottom of the card. (Note: Remember this is a CATEGORY round. So stop racking your brain trying to come up with a song with the words "Songs about a city" in it. Just sing a song about a city!)

PLAYER VS. PLAYER - One player from each team is chosen to play head-to-head against a player from the other team. Each team chooses its player before the card is revealed. The remaining teammates must keep their traps shut throughout the round. Only the individual players squaring off may sing, and only one of them may turn over the timer.

TEAM VS. PLAYER - The team which lands here now has an advantage as it gets to play this round against just one member of the opposing team (chosen by the opposing team). This player is chosen before the card is revealed and cannot get help from any teammates.

THE GRAND FINALE In order to get to the Grand Finale, a team must land there by exact count. Once you get there, you stay until you've won, or until the other team beats you.  To play the Grand Finale, the opposing team draws a card and reads the top word aloud for which the Grand Finale Team must find a song first. Play then continues as in a normal round. If the Grand Finale Team wins the round, the Grand Finale continues (see below). If the opposing team sings the last song, the round is ended and that team gets control of the die.

Okay, so the Grand Finale Team won the top word round for the card. Victory is close, but only if that team can sing songs with each of the remaining words on the card as well as the category within two turns of the timer (40 seconds). For these songs, the team is only required to sing four words per song instead of the usual six. No two songs can be alike.  Pull that off and you win the game! CONGRATULATIONS! Brag all you want. Do a victory dance and blow some raspberries at your opponent. You've earned it!


We all know you're going to do whatever you feel like doing with these rules, but here's what the mere mortals at Endless Games suggest:

1. A song is anything with a tune and words

2. At least one team member has to sing the answer.

3. You may use the actual word or an acceptable variation of the word.  Compound variations, plurals, and "ing" are acceptable. For example, if the word is "day" you may use "daylight" or "days". If the word is "run", "running" and "runner" are fine. However, if the word is "something", the word "thing" is not acceptable.

4. You may not repeat a song during a turn. If a team repeats a song for the same word/category, they forfeit control of the die.

5. You are NOT required to sing WELL.

6. You ARE required to HAVE FUN!

7. This game is dedicated to all of those folks for whom music is a necessary part of their lives.