By Grant Rodeik
2 - 4 players • 30 minutes • Ages 8+
Game contents: 45 Action cards, 60 Crop cards, 3 Field cards, these rules.
Farmageddon is a game of chance, strategy, and agricultural mayhem. Harvest your Crops before your no-good-for-nothing opponents sabotage things for their own gain! The farmer with the most valuable Harvest at the end of the game wins!

Game Objective

The player with the most money earned from planting and harvesting crops is the winner of Farmageddon.


First, place the three brown Planting Field cards in the center of the play space between all players.
Shuffle the red Action Cards and green Crop Cards separately and deal each player 2 Crop Cards and 3 Action Cards. Place the Action Card and Crop Card decks face down in separate piles.
The player who most recently visited a farm goes first! All other players take turns in clockwise order following the first player.

Playing a Turn

At the start of each turn, the active player draws 2 Crop Cards. The active player can then take any number of the actions listed below in any order.
These actions are: Plant Crops, Play Fertilizer, Play Action cards, and Harvest Crops.
Plant Crop cards(s): The active player can plant as many Crops as she wishes as long as there are open Planting Fields. Crops are planted by placing a Crop card face-up on top of an open Planting Field.

A Planting Field is considered open if it does not have a Crop card on top of it. A Planting Field with a Crop card is occupied until the Crop card is Harvested or destroyed.
When a Crop card is planted, move the Planting Field with the Crop card in front of its new owner. If ownership of a Crop card changes, also move the Planting Field in front of the new owner. After the planted Crop card is Harvested or destroyed, move the empty Planting Field back to the center of the table.

Crop Cards Explained

The amount of Fertilizer required to Harvest a Planted Crop is the number on the bottom left-hand side of each Crop card. The amount earned when the crop is Harvested is the number on the top left-hand corner of each Crop card.

Play Fertilizer: A player creates Fertilizer by playing any Crop card in her hand facedown onto any planted Crop card in play. A player can play as much Fertilizer as she wants in a single turn.
A player must play at least one Crop card as Fertilizer before the turn ends if able to do so. If a player doesn’t have her own planted Crop card, she must place a Fertilizer on an opponent’s planted Crop card! Players cannot “over-Fertilize” a planted Crop card. If a planted Crop card has enough Fertilizer to be Harvested, no more Fertilizer can be played on the planted Crop card.
Play Action cards: A player can play up to two Action cards per turn. Action cards are placed in the Action card discard pile when used, unless the text on the card indicates otherwise.
Harvest Crops: A planted Crop card can be Harvested when enough Fertilizer is played on it. A player can only Harvest planted Crop cards she owns.
Planted Crop cards cannot be Harvested on the same turn they are planted.
When Harvesting a planted Crop card, the owner places all Fertilizer on the Crop card into the Crop card discard pile and sets the Harvested Crop card aside in her Harvest pile.

End of the turn
When a player no longer wants to Plant, Fertilize, Harvest, or play Action Cards, she ends her turn.
The player draws 2 Action Cards. Action Cards cannot be used the turn they are drawn.
If the Action card deck runs out, simply re-shuffle the discarded Action cards. There are no limits to the number of cards a player can hold in her hand.

The End of the Game

When the last Crop Card is drawn, each player except the one who drew the last Crop card takes one final turn after the active player finishes her turn. Even if a player is unable to Plant, Harvest, or Fertilize, she can still play Action Cards.

Once the final turn is played, the game is over! Any fully Fertilized planted Crop cards that survive through the final turn are automatically Harvested and placed in their owner’s Harvest Pile. Any Crop cards with a Foul Manure Action card are not Harvested.

Each player counts the total value of Harvested Crops as well as any Bumper Crop Action cards, Crop Insurance Action cards and Pesticides Action cards. The player with the most valuable Harvest Pile wins!
2 player games of Farmageddon have the following rules changes:
• Each player draws 3 Crop cards at the start of each turn.
• Each player must play 2 Fertilizer, if possible.
• Each player draws 1 Action card at the end of each turn.

Game Design by Grant Rodiek
Art by Brett Bean
Play Testers: Bethany Wan, Andrew DeBenedictis, Michael Beamer, Michael Pelayo, Chris Goy, Dan Steif, Dan Ang, Lori Nguyen, Alex Guiriba, Nathania Lozada, Josh Edwards, Thad Martin, Toren & Prax (Icepack Games), Jerome Collin, Mike Darga, Paul Wrider, Sean Dornan-Fish, Jeff Trinidad, Cyrus Kirby, Bryan Fischer, Trevor Lindsey, Waylon Wilsonoff, Ray Mazza, Matt Yang, Calvin Wong, Michael Zamora, Mark Siew, Sam Hart, Alan Hsu, Phil Kilcrease, Bryan Fischer, Mark Siew, Jim Jamieson, Nicole Jamieson, Cherilyn Joy Lee Kirkman, AJ Porfirio

Farmageddon, © 2012 5th Street Games