Ghost Blaster

Ghost Blaster
A cooperative memory game for 1 to 4 ghost hunters ages 5 to 99.
AUTHOR: Wolfgang Dirscherl
Illustration: Marc Robitzky

LENGTH OF GAME: 10 to 15 minutes
It's midnight and the old clock tower is striking the ghostly hour of 12 o’clock! The three ghost hunters were waiting for midnight so they could quickly load their green goo ammunition, shoulder their handmade power pistols and enter the castle together on a ghost hunt.
Go along on the ghost hunt! Together, players try to hit and trap ghosts by using their powerful goo ammunition. Players must roll the dice in sequence and reveal the ghosts using the ghost hunter cards. Once you have three of the same ghost cards face up, this ghost is caught and you can no longer escape but be careful, if you accidently uncover a keyhole card the ghost hunter is caught in the trap and must then go into the dungeon. You can free him but that takes up valuable time! Your objective is to capture all of the ghosts before the ghost hour is over.


3 ghost hunters, 24 cards (18 ghost cards, 3 dungeon cards, 2 keyhole cards, 1 castle door card), 1 clock (= rotary disc), 18 goo missiles, 1 die, 1 game instructions

Game Preparation

Set up the ghost castle into a 4 x 6 card grid:
Separate out the 3 dungeon cards and the castle card. Mix the remaining cards place face down in four rows. Use the dungeon cards and the castle card on the four corners.

This creates a grid of 4 x 6 cards and the ghost castle is complete!
Place the clock next to the castle. Set the clock hand so that it is pointing to twelve (= ghost).
Place the three ghost hunters on the castle card. Have the goo missiles and die ready

How to Play

Play in a clockwise direction so the player who last saw a ghost gets to play first and rolls the die. What appears on the die.

> The clock
The end of the ghost hour is nearing! Turn the clock hand forward to next number.

> One, Two, or Three Dots
Take any ghost hunter and move him as many cards as the number on the die (one card = one move)

Important rules of movement
You can move the ghost hunter horizontally and vertically but not diagonally The direction can be changed any time during your move.
You can't subtract any number from your die roll, you must move the number rolled. More than one ghost hunter can stand on one card.
If you leave a card at the begining of your move and there is no other ghost hunter or goo missile on it, you turn the card over again. (exception: The castle card and the dungeon card always remain as they are.)
If the ghost hunter lands on a card that is facing down, then turn the card over and place the figure on it.

What appears on the card that is turned over...

A Ghost

It's a hit! Goo sprays on all sides! Decide now whether the two other ghost hunters are already standing on cards that have the same ghost on them.
– No?
What a shame, but you still know now where these ghosts are hidden. Now players can continue to search for the cards with the same ghost.
– Yes?
Great! You've captured this ghost! Put a goo missile on each of the three ghost cards. You can land on these cards later in the game, but they no longer count for capturing a ghost.

The Keyhole

Tough luck! The ghosts snared the ghost hunter in the trap and he has to go the dungeon. Take the ghost hunter, put him on the matching dungeon card and turn the keyhole card over again.

Attention: To free the ghost hunter again, another ghost hunter needs to meet him on the dungeon card or move past him. If this happens, players can once again use the freed ghost hunter for ghost hunting.
Now it is the next player's turn to roll the die.

End of Game

The game is over when:

You've captured all ghosts before the clock hand is pointing to again. Super! You've driven all of the ghosts out of the castle and won the game together!


When the ghost hour is over before you were able to capture all the ghosts.

Unfortunately, you were too slow and lost the game together. Surely you'll have more luck the next time!


When all 3 ghost hunters are in the dungeon at the same time. In this case, the ghosts outsmarted the ghost hunters and you've collectively lost.

Time for a ghost hunt with even more thrills.

At the beginning of the game start the clock on one or two o’clock thus giving players less time to capture the ghosts and the hunt is even more exciting!