Milles Borne(1000 miles) Rules


115 cards 

How to win

Play individually or in teams to try and reach exactly 1,000 miles. Build up your mileage by playing Distance cards. If an opponent plays a Hazard card on you, fix it with a Remedy card, then play a Go card and get back on the road! You can protect yourself with Safety cards, too.

Add up your scores. The player or team with the most points wins! If it’s the first time you’ve played, have a look at the cards before you start!

Green Go cards are very important!

1. You can only play Distance cards when you have a Go card on top of your Drive Pile.
2. ALWAYS follow a Remedy card with a Go card before you play any Distance cards!

There are 4 other Remedy cards.
Play red Hazard cards on your opponents to stop them from playing Distance cards! If someone plays a Hazard on you, fix it with its matching Remedy card. ALWAYS follow a Remedy with a Go card to get moving again! There are 5 types of Hazard cards.
Each blue Safety card protects you from a particular Hazard for the rest of the game!

There are 5 Safety cards.

IMPORTANT! Each Safety, Hazard and Remedy card has a picture in the bottom-right corner. This shows which card you need to play to cancel its effect. For example, Puncture Proof protects against Flat Tire.

2-3 player game
• Take one of each of these cards out of the deck and put them to one side. You don’t need them for this game.
out of gas
flat tire
speed limit

4 or 6 player game
• Play in pairs but sit so that turns alternate between teams. (For example, in a 4-player game, Player 1 from Team A goes first, then Player 1 from Team B, then Player 2 from Team A, etc.)
• Check the back of the Scoring Reminder cards for an example of how to sit when playing in teams!
• You’ll have your own cards, but must share a playing area (Driving Zone). Try to win as a pair!

Get ready
1. Remove the 6 Quick Reference cards and 3 Score Reminder cards from the deck. Give each player a reference card and each player or team a Score Reminder card.

2. Choose a dealer. Dealer, shuffle the deck and deal 6 cards, facedown, to each player.

3. Put the rest of the cards, facedown, in a pile in the middle. This is the draw pile.
4. You can look at your cards, but keep them secret!
5. The player to the dealer’s left goes first and play continues clockwise. On your turn

1. Pick up a card from the draw pile.
2. Play one card, either into your own Driving Zone or an opponent’s. The cards are labelled to remind you where to put them in your Driving Zone. If you can’t play a card, you must discard one, faceup, onto the discard pile. Going first? See below.
3. Your turn is over. Make sure you have 6 cards in your hand.

Going first?


Play one of these cards:

• A drive card. Play this to start your Drive Pile.
• Any Safety card. Play this into your Safety Area.
Playing a Safety card gives you a free turn, so take another card
from the draw pile and go again. If you play another Safety card, take another turn and so on.
• A Speed Limit card. Play this to start your opponent’s Speed Pile and slow them down!

Your Driving Zone
Show this picture to all players before you start! (piles described below) This is how to lay your cards out during the game. If you’re playing in a pair, make sure you can both reach your Driving Zone easily.

Your Speed Pile
• Opponents put Speed Limit cards here to slow you down.
• Play End of Limit cards here to cancel the limit.
* Keep Speed Limit and End of Limit cards separate from your Drive Pile!

Drive Pile
• You must have a Go card here to play Distance cards!
• Opponents put Hazard cards here, on top of Go cards.

Coup Fourré
If you play a Safety card like sideways, it’s called a Coup Fourré move! See over.

Safety Area
Put Safety cards here to protect you from certain Hazards for the whole game.

Distance Cards
• Put Distance cards of each type together.
• You can only play TWO 200 mile cards during a game!

The cards: more information
Play one of these cards on your turn:
Distance cards
• You must have a Go card on top of your Drive Pile to play Distance cards unless you have a Right of Way card (see below).
• You can only play two 200 miles cards into each Driving zone.
Speed Limit cards
• Play these on an opponent’s Speed Pile (not their Drive Pile) to slow them down!
• If someone plays a Speed Limit card on you, you can’t play Distance cards that are higher than 50mph until you play an End of Limit card to cancel the speed limit. Hazards and Remedies
• When your opponent has a Go card on top of their Drive Pile, you can play a Hazard card on top of it to slow them down!
• You can only play a Hazard card on top of a Go card, unless your opponent has a Right of Way card. If so, you can play Hazards straight onto Remedies.
• If an opponent plays a Hazard card onto your Drive Pile, you must:
1. Play the matching Remedy card to repair the Hazard.
2. Play a Go card on top of the Remedy.
Now you can start playing Distance cards again!
Special Safety card:
Right of Way
The Right of Way card is the most powerful card in the game!
If you play one into your Safety Area it means:
• You DO NOT need a Go card on your Drive Pile to be able to play Distance cards! (You still need to repair Hazards with Remedies, but don’t need to follow them with Go cards to get driving again.)
• Opponents can play Hazard cards straight onto Remedy cards (they don’t need to wait for you to have a Go card).
• You can ignore Speed Limit cards for the rest of the game!

Safety cards
• Play Safety cards into your Safety Area to stop opponents from playing particular Hazard cards on you for the rest of the game!
• When you play a Safety card, take another turn right away!
• If there’s a Hazard card on top of your Drive Pile and you play its matching Safety card later in the game, discard the Hazard card right away.

Puncture proof protects against flat tire and spare tire fixes it
Driving ace protects against accident and repairs fixes it
Fuel Tank protects against out of gas and gas fixes it
Emergency vehicle protects against stop sign and speed limit. End of limit or drive fixes them

Coup Fourré

A Coup Fourré (pronounced “coo foo-ray”) is a special move that cancels the effect of a Hazard as soon as an opponent tries to play one into your Driving Zone! Plus you’ll score extra for it at the end of the game!
1. If an opponent plays a Hazard card on you but you have the Safety card that prevents the Hazard in your hand, it’s time for a Coup Fourré.
2. Put the Safety card sideways in your Safety Area and shout ‘Coup Fourré!’
3. Move the Hazard card to the discard pile. You are protected from that Hazard for the rest of the game.
4. Take another card to bring the number in your hand back up to six.
5. Take another turn. (Draw a card then play as usual.)
6. The player to your left goes next. If some players have missed a turn, it’s too bad!


4 players
• The game ends as soon as a team reaches 1,000 miles. You CAN’T drive more than 1,000 miles – it must be exact!
• Add up your scores, using the score sheet. Photocopy some more sheets for future games. The team with the most points wins!

2, 3 or 6 players
• The game ends as soon as a player or team reaches 700 miles, unless that player/team chooses to extend it to 1,000 miles! If so, carry on playing until someone gets to 1,000. If they don’t want to, the game ends.
• Add up your scores, using the score sheet. If you played to 1,000 miles, score for the Extension Bonus too.
• The team with the most points wins!

Simpler Game

For a simpler game, don’t score. The first player or team to 1,000 miles wins the game. If no-one gets to 1,000 miles, the player or team that went the most miles wins.

Longer Game

Play more than one game, keeping track of how many points you score each time. The first player or team to get to 5,000 points wins!
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