Monopoly Deal Rules



110 Cards


Collect Property cards! Use Action cards to charge rent and make tricky deals. The game ends when one player collects 3 complete Property sets in different colors. That player wins!

Before you start playing!

Take a quick look at the cards to see what the Properties look like and what the Action cards will let you do. You’ll learn more about the cards as you play.


1. Each player gets a Reference card. Place any extras back in the box.

2. Shuffle the rest of the cards, and deal 5 to each player. Look at your cards, and keep them a secret!

3. Place the remaining cards in the center of play as a draw pile


How to win

Be the first player to collect 3 complete Property sets in different colors.

Who goes first?

The youngest player goes first, and play moves to the left.

On your turn

1. Draw 2 cards. If you ever start your turn with no cards, draw 5 instead.

2. Play up to 3 cards of any type in any combination. You may choose to play none. At the end of your turn, you can have up to 7 cards. If you have more than 7, choose which extras to place in the discard pile.

Playing Cards

There are three ways to play cards. Once you play a card, you can’t put it back in your hand.


1. Add money to your Bank by placing a money card or an Action card in front of you, faceup. Action cards are worth the dollar amount shown on the top left of the card. You’ll need money in your Bank to pay other players throughout the game. Once you place an Action card in your Bank, it becomes money and can’t be used as an Action card for the rest of the game. Note, Property cards never go in your Bank.

2. Add a Property to your collection by placing it faceup in front of you. Throughout the game, you can place as many Properties as you want; just remember you need to collect 3 complete Property sets in different colors. For example, you cannot win by collecting 2 red sets and 1 blue set.

3. Play an Action card by reading it aloud and following the rules on the card. Then place it in a discard pile—except House and Hotel cards, which are placed on Property sets.

What if I owe another player money?

When you owe another player money, you must pay with the money or Action cards in your Bank OR with the Properties in front of you. It’s your choice, but remember: you need those Properties to win! Properties are worth the money value listed in the corners of the card.

• If you pay with Property cards, the player who receives them must place them in their Property collection, not in their hand or Bank.

• There is no change in MONOPOLY DEAL. If you owe 2 and have only an 3 card in your Bank, tough luck!

• You never pay with cards from your hand.

What if I run out of money and Properties?

If you owe another player, pay as much as you can. If you have no money or Property in front of you, nothing happens. You’ve got it bad enough already! Hang in there!


The game ends when one player collects 3 complete Property sets in different colors. That player wins!

Now start playing!

When you’re ready to play a card, look it up in more detail on the back of this guide!


All cards—except the 2 Wild Property cards—have cash value and may be used to pay debts. This value is shown in the corners of the card. You may treat Action cards like money cards and place them in your Bank instead of using them as described on the card.


Put these in your Bank, and use them to pay debts


Collect colored sets of these to win! 

The cards have their cost value, followed by their color, followed by how much rent is for 1, 2 or more copies.

Wild Property Cards

You can use these to build Property sets. Choose a color, and play the card with that color faceup. You can flip the card to change the color of the Property any time on your turn!


Action cards let you do things like charge rent and make tricky deals. To play them, read them aloud, and follow the rules on the card.

Rent Cards

Play a Rent card to force players to pay you rent as described on the card.

House and Hotel Cards Place these on top of complete Property sets—not including Railroads and Utilities—to raise the rent value!

• A Property set may have only 1 House and 1 Hotel.

• A Property set must have a House before you place a Hotel on it. When you do, keep the House where it is.

• When a Property set has a House and a Hotel, you may collect rent for each.

For example: Rent for Connecticut Ave with a set 

set of 3 (3$

Plus a House (plus 3$)

Plus a Hotel (plus 4$)

Total Rent

Due 10$

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