Monza Rules

A car racing game which encourages tactically thinking for 2 to 6 clever players ages 5 to 99.

Author: Jurgen P. K. Grunau
Illustrations: Haralds Klavinus
Length of game: 10 - 15 minutes aprox.

Six racing cars are standing on the starting grid, prepare for the big race. But only the player who gets the right colors with the dice and makes clever combinations will be able to move rapidly ahead.


6 racing cars
6 color dice

6 braille dice
1 game board
1 Set of game instructions

Aim of the game

Who will make clever combinations and thus use as many colors as thrown with the dice in order to get his or her racing car over the finishing line first?

Preparation of the game

Spread the game board and put it in the center of the playing surface. Each player chooses a racing card and puts it facing the circuit on the wide starting grid where arrows are shown on the board.

Give each sighted player a braille reference or have them use the original dice.

If there are less than 6 players the remaining race cards stay in the box. Get the six colored dice ready. Each die shows the six colors of the circuit.

How to play

You play in a clockwise direction. The youngest player starts. Throw all six dice (you can take the dice in both hands).

Now try to move your car according to the colors obtained. You have to compare the colors of the dice with the colors of the squares directly ahead of your car.

Do the colors coincide? Or are there even more, subsequent matching colors?

> Think carefully about the order in which you want to use the obtained colors and move your car ahead on the corresponding color squares. After each single move, put aside the corresponding die.

> If you are lucky and think fast you might be able to move your car ahead six squares!

> If you cannot use certain colors because there are no squares of the corresponding color in front of your car, your turn is over. It's the next player's turn to throw all six dice.

Watch out:

> From the starting square you many move on the blue or the white square. > You can only move your car ahead.

In addition, the following racing rules apply:
> A change of lane is only possible if the far end of the neighboring square is situated ahead of the square where your car is at the moment. In this case too, you are always obliged to move your car ahead.

> Obstacle squares (tires) may never be entered.

> While you move your car you may pass over squares with other cars on them. However, if your move ends on a square with a car on it, this car is moved back to the next free square in the same lane. Watch out: it cannot be moved back to an obstacle square!

> Whenever it is possible to move you are obliged to do so; you always have to move on as far as possible.

End of the game

When the first racing car reaches one of the two target squares the current round is played to the end.
In this round each player memorizes how many dice he/she used for moving.

> If at the end of the round there is only one racing car in the target area, the corresponding driver wins the race.
> If at the end of the round there is more than one car in the target area the driver who used less dice in this round wins the race.

Game Variation

Once a move is finished, in addition the racce car of the color which was used last may be moved ahead to any neighboring free square, even if in another lane.

The red racing car belongs to Jan.
His dice show the colors red, red, yellow, yellow, yellow and green.
For his move he uses the following order of colors: red, yellow, red, green. The remaining two yellow dice cannot be used.

The last color used for the move was green with his car ending on a green square. Now Nina, to whom the green car belongs, can move her car ahead one square.