Munchkin 6: Double Dungeons Rules

In 2008, we released Munchkin 6 – Demented Dungeons, which introduced double-sized Dungeon cards with new, frequently changing rules to make your Munchkin games more chaotic and fun. In 2016, we followed it up with Munchkin 6.5 – Terrible Tombs. Now, we’ve combined them into a full-sized mega-Dungeon set!

New Card Type – Dungeons

Dungeon cards are double-sized, both to give lots of room for art and text and to make SURE you don’t mix them into other decks

While a Dungeon card is in play, it affects ALL the players unless the Portal that sent you there (see below for Portals) says otherwise.

Some dungeons will let you gain levels for entering, leaving, or doing certain things. These level increases cannot give you the winning level unless the card says they can.

When a Dungeon card is discarded, follow its instructions about reversing effects, discarding extra cards, and so on.

Yes, you can be in more than one Dungeon at the same time. All face-up Dungeon cards are in play. Discarded Dungeons are placed facedown beside the draw deck.

Contradictory Dungeons: In the event that two Dungeons directly contradict each other, the last one played is the one that governs.

Special “Edge Case” note: When you leave one Dungeon and enter another, there is never a moment when you are in neither one. This means that if some special effect is legal in both Dungeons, but not in regular Munchkin, you do not lose it when you move from one Dungeon to the other.

(If you don’t think it’s necessary for us to make rules in advance for cases this weird, this must be your first game of Munchkin.)

Alternate Dungeon Rule: If you really like a particular Dungeon, play with it and leave out all the Portal cards . . . or make a house rule that, regardless of Portal cards, that “base dungeon” can never be removed.

Setting Up the Dungeons

The Dungeon cards form their own deck. Start the game with one Dungeon card turned face-up. This is the Dungeon that you are in. To choose it, you can either:

(1) Pick one randomly, or (2) Let the player who won the last game pick a starting Dungeon, or (3) Let the player who LOST the last game pick a starting Dungeon,


(4) Just agree on one you like.

However you pick the first Dungeon card, it’s likely to change. So shuffle the rest of the Dungeons and put the deck face-down, ready for the moment the munchkins stumble through a Portal . . .

New Card Type – Portal

Portals are Doors . . . very special Doors. All the Door cards in this deck are Portals

When you draw a Portal face up, you must immediately follow its instructions. You may enter a new Dungeon, with or without leaving the old one. After you follow the Portal’s instructions, draw another face-up Door.

When you draw a Portal face DOWN, you have a choice:

(1) Turn it face up immediately and follow its instructions. After you follow the instructions, draw another face-DOWN Door

(2) Put it in your hand. You may play it later, but only if (a) it is your turn, (b) you are not in combat, and (c) you haven’t already played a Portal on that turn. When you play it, follow its instructions and immediately draw a face-DOWN Door.

Remember: When you play a Portal, you always draw another Door to replace it. If the original Portal was drawn face-up, the replacement Door is face-up. If the original Portal was face-down, so is the replacement.

Changing Dungeons Without a Portal

At any time during your own turn, you may discard four cards from your hand and “discover an exit.” Draw a new Dungeon. You then have the option of discarding an existing Dungeon, but you don’t have to.

Setting Up the Portals

There are 32 Portals in this set – two copies of 16 different cards. If you are playing with Munchkin without any expansions, we suggest that you put in only 16 Portals – one of each type. Otherwise, you’ll be switching dungeons every time somebody blinks. (But you can certainly use all the Portals if you want to. Remember to blink a lot.)

If you are playing with one or more expansions, though, you should definitely put in all the Portals!

If you have so many expansions that the 32 Portals would get lost among all your Doors, we suggest that you shuffle all your Doors, take the top 200 or so, and then shuffle the Portals into that batch. Remember to take them out after the game. Or, you could mix this with one of our other Dungeon expansions and send everyone on the wackiest adventure ever!



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