Munchkin 7: Cheat With Both Hands Rules

This set of cards is intended to be added when you combine two or more Munchkin sets, to make your sci-fi kung fu space pirate zombie steampunk dungeon-delving adventures run more smoothly. It is not a stand-alone game.

Deck Building

Munchkin 7 – Cheat With Both Hands can be used with any combination of Munchkin sets. However, it was designed to be used with (at least) two sets together, including both Races and Classes. If it’s added to a single game, the new cards will overpower the old ones. They’re supposed to be occasional Easter eggs, not a constant thing. Suggestion: Always include all the new Treasures, but use only part of the CWBH deck of Doors if you’re adding it to a smaller set of cards.

Any single set (e.g., just Munchkin): use only 1/3 of the Cheat With Both Hands Doors.

Any single set with at least one expansion: use only half of the CWBH Doors.

Any two sets together: use about 2/3 of the CWBH Doors.

If you have at least two sets with at least one expansion, or three or more sets: Throw all the CWBH Doors in there!

Special note: If the only sets in the mix are Munchkin Fu and Cheat With Both Hands, remove six or so of the Level 1 monsters from CWBH, so as not to make it too easy on the Yakuza. If no set being used has Races, take out the Old Edition, Half-Breed, 1/3-Breed, and Chimera cards. If no set being used has Classes, take out the Old Edition, Super Munchkin, Ultra Munchkin, and Super Duper Munchkin cards.

What a Humongous Deck!

If you have all the Munchkin sets, or even most of them, your piles of cards WILL be too tall. There are at least three things to do about this:

(1) Divide each deck in half and put half on either side of the table, and let players draw from whichever stack is convenient.

(2) Divide each deck in half and just put half out of the way; you probably won’t get that far anyway, and if you do, bring the other half into play.

(3) Keep each set together, so there’s one draw pile for Munchkin Doors, another for Star Munchkin Doors, and so on. Allow players to pick what decks they draw from. This usually makes the game faster but less weird.

Cards and Rules

Any card or rule in any set which refers to Cheat! also covers Cheat With Both Hands and Cheat Like There’s No Tomorrow

Any card or rule in any set which refers to Wandering Monster also covers Dogpile and Monster Mash.

All restrictions on the use of Half-Breed also apply to 1/3-Breed and Chimera. You must have at least one Race in order to play any of these cards, and if you lose all your Races, you lose the multiple-Race card, too. You can only have one of these cards in play at a time. If you have any of these cards in play, you may freely discard it and replace it with one from your hand or one you just drew.

Likewise, all restrictions on the use of Super Munchkin also apply to Ultra Munchkin and Super Duper Munchkin. You must have at least one Class in order to play any of these cards, and if you lose all your Classes, you lose the multiple-Class card, too. You can only have one of these cards in play at a time. If you have any of these cards in play, you may freely discard it and replace it with one from your hand or one you just drew. 

If something happens to a multiple-Race or multiple-Class card you have in play, and you have another one in your hand, you may immediately play it, and you don’t have to discard any Races or Classes that are permitted by the replacement card.

Always remember: No matter what kind of penalties may come up, the Level and Treasures of a monster, and the Level of a character, cannot go below 1. (Combat strength, of course, can go below 1.)

Item Enhancers

Some cards are Item Enhancers. These must be played on an Item you already have in play; they cannot be played by themselves. They add to the combat bonus of the Item or give the Item new abilities. You cannot move an Item Enhancer to a new Item once you have played it.

Enhancer Enhancers

“Enhancer enhancers” are a new type of card. They can only be played on monsters that have already been enhanced. Example: You cannot take an ordinary monster and play Incredibly on him. He has nothing to make incredible. But if he is already (for instance) Humongous, you can make him Incredibly Humongous!

The Dancing style in Munchkin Fu cannot remove an enhanced enhancer, but it can remove the enhancer enhancer that enhances the enhancer. Say that three times quickly.

Just to avoid arguments: Enhancer enhancers cannot be used to power up Mooks or Monks (or any other character that gets benefits from monster enhancers).

Other Rule Issues

While all the Munchkin sets are compatible, they don’t all use identical card types. This section talks about some things that you need to know when you’re combining sets.


A couple of cards in this set refer to Thingies. This is a catchall term for Class, Race, Mojo, Accent, Loyalty, Birthright, or Faction (plus anything else of that ilk that we come up with later). There is a free file listing all of these, imaginatively called Munchkin Thingies, on the PDF section of

Curses, Traps, and Disasters

Curses, Traps, and Disasters are the same kind of card for rule purposes, and any card or ability that affects one will affect the other two. For instance, a Wishing Ring may cancel a Curse, Trap, or Disaster, no matter what the specific card says on it.

Hirelings, etc.

Hirelings, Sidekicks, Mooks, Minions, Allies, and Comrades are all part of the “Hireling” card type. You may only have one of this card type in play, whatever the specific card is called, unless you have a card or ability that allows you to have more

Follow any rules on the cards. For instance, Mooks from Munchkin Fu may have Monster Enhancers played on them, but no other Hireling-type card has that ability.

You may discard any Hireling-type card for an automatic escape from all monsters in a combat unless none of the sets in the game have that rule.

Styles, Trainings, and Powers

These are all different. A character may have one Style (from Munchkin Fu) and one Training (from Munchkin Impossible). He may also have Powers (from Munchkin Bites!, Super Munchkin, Munchkin Zombies, and Munchkin Axe Cop) with a total Rank equal to or less than his Level.

Steeds, Vehicles, and Ships

Steeds (from Munchkin and The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin) and Vehicles (from Munchkin Impossible and Munchkin Apocalypse 2) are the same kind of card, and anything that affects one affects the other. (Vehicles should be considered Big items, even if they are not so marked, when using CWBH rules.)

Ships (from Munchkin Booty, Star Munchkin: Space Ships, and Star Munchkin 3) are different from Steeds and Vehicles and have their own sets of enhancers.

Reminder: Run Away bonuses or penalties on Steeds, Vehicles, and Ships replace any bonuses or penalties from your Items, Race, Class, etc. If you have both a Ship and a Steed or Vehicle, the Ship’s bonus or penalty (if any) takes precedence.

Mutants and British

There is a Mutant Race in Star Munchkin and a Mutant Class in Super Munchkin. Monsters are too dumb to tell the difference (and, let’s be honest, one Mutant pretty much looks like another . . . in that no two of them look anything alike). Anyone with either Mutant card can use all Mutant-only Items.

You can have a British Loyalty in Munchkin Impossible and a British Accent in Munchkin Booty. As with Mutants, monsters are not bright enough to distinguish someone who is British (or at least loyal to them) from someone who just sounds British. All British-only Items can be used by British loyalists and British-accented pirates. Arrr!

Set-Specific Rules

• If you are playing with a set that has monster-stacking rules (for instance, Bats in Munchkin Bites! or Goblins in Munchkin Pathfinder), then those rules apply to any monsters that fit the rule, no matter which set they come from. Any monster that has a matching word in the name fits; for instance, the Dragon Lady from Munchkin Fu counts as a Dragon when you are playing with Munchkin Dragons. (Remember that Undead can stack no matter what sets are in play!)

• Similarly, rules that depend on the names of Items are true no matter which sets they come from. For instance, an Indian from The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin gets an extra combat bonus for any Item with Bow in the name. . . which does stack with the Bowling items bonus from Munchkin Zombies!

• Munchkin Fu and Munchkin Bites! demons are +5 against Munchkin Clerics. Clerics, however, can use their Turn Undead power against all Gaki.

• Any card with Knife or Dagger in its name counts as a Knife for Munchkin Impossible cards. Any card with Gun in the name, or that obviously indicates a firearm (such as the Big Black .45 from Munchkin Fu), is a Gun. Any card with the word Car in its name counts as a Vehicle.

• Any Monster or Treasure that shows gears in the art counts as a Gear card when playing with Munchkin Steampunk. (That’s what the Steampunk rules say, but we’re making it clear just in case some people want to argue about it.)

• Weirdness: The Gas Mask (from Munchkin Impossible) automatically defeats the Gas Giant (from Star Munchkin)!

• Great Cthulhu from Star Munchkin, Munchkin Cthulhu, and Munchkin Apocalypse are all the same monster. Yet they have different abilities and can appear in the same fight. Don’t think too hard about this if you want to stay sane. (Great Cthulhoo, from The Unspeakable Vault, is also the same monster, with an outrageous accent.)

• If you’re mixing Munchkin Axe Cop with other sets, then any monster with Robot or Alien in the name counts as that kind of monster.

• If you’re mixing Munchkin Cthulhu with other sets, definitely pull a couple of Cultists out of the Door deck to seed the Cultist discard pile. If you’re mixing Munchkin Apocalypse with other sets, remember to roll the die at the start of each turn to check for randomly opening Seals

• Seals and Dungeons are different; any cards or rules that deal with one do not affect the other.


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