My First Orchard Rules

A cooperative game for 1 - 4 players ages 2+.

Author: Anneliese Farkaschovsky
Illustrations: Jutta Neundorfer
Length of the game: approx.10 minutes

Dear Parents,
This game is a simplified variation of our classic “Orchard“ game has been adapted to suit very young players. The game material is especially designed for small children‘s hands. It will foster improved motor skills and is also totally suitable for free play. Talk with your child about the colors and shapes of the wooden pieces thus stimulating your child‘s language, auditory and creative skills as well as enhancing the joy of playing.
Your inventors of inquisitive playthings


1 raven
1 fruit basket
4 green apples
4 red apples
4 yellow pears
4 blue plums
5 path cards
4 trees
1 color-symbol die
Set of game instructions

Game Idea

Working as a team, the children try to pick the fruits from the trees before the raven reaches the end of the path.

Preparation of the Game

Put the four trees in the center of the table and place the corresponding fruits on each card as shown. Arrange the five path cards into a row next to the trees. Now place the raven in front of the first path card. Get the basket and the die ready.

How to Play

Play in a clockwise direction. Whoever has eaten an apple most recently may begin. If it you cannot agree, the youngest child begins and rolls the die. What appeared on the die? On the die appears:
• One of the colors red, yellow, green or blue
Pick a fruit of the corresponding color from its tree and place it in the basket. If no fruit of that color is left on the tree, nothing happens - pass the die on to the next player.
• The fruit basket
Pick any fruit from any tree and place it in the basket.
• The raven
Oh dear! The raven approaches the orchard. Move the raven one path card forward. Then it‘s the turn of the next player to roll the die.

End of the Game

If the players succeed in harvesting all the fruit and have it all in the basket before the raven has reached the orchard, they win together; as a team they have been quicker than the voracious raven.
If the raven passes the last path card and stands in the orchard before all the fruits have been picked, the players lose together against the quick ravenous thief.