Cooperative game for 1 to 8 children ages 3 to 6.
Author: Anneliese Farkaschovsky
Illustrations: Walter Matheis
Length of the game: 10 - 15 minutes approx.
The four fruit-trees are full of fruit. The apples, pears, cherries and plums are ripe and have to be picked quickly, because the crafty raven is eager to pinch some tidbits.

10 apples
10 pears
10 pairs of cherries
10 plums
4 baskets
1 raven jigsaw (9 pieces)
1 color die with symbols
1 game board

Aim of the game
The children try to pick the fruit from the trees before the raven can steal them.

Preparation of the game
The fruit is distributed among the corresponding trees shown on the game board. Each player gets a basket. If there are more than 4 players, several players share one basket.
The nine parts of the raven jigsaw are removed from the frame and piled up so that they are ready to use.
Place the die next to the game board.

How to play

The youngest player starts and throws the die once.
Which color or symbol appears on the die?
• Red, yellow, green or blue:
The player picks a fruit of the corresponding color and puts it into his/her basket. If there are no more fruits of that color on the tree nothing happens and the die is passed on immediately.
• The basket:
You can pick any two fruits and place them into your basket.
• The raven:
Place one piece of the jigsaw into the middle of the game board on the corresponding place.

End of the game
If the players succeed in gathering all the fruit before the raven jigsaw in the middle is fi nished, they all win the game –
together they have been quicker than the voracious raven.
If the raven jigsaw is complete before all the fruit has been picked, the children lose together to the quick raven.