Taboo Rules

The game of unspeakable fun!
Ages 13+
4+ players


162 cards,

1 squeeker or buzzer depending on version

sand timer

score pad

game-changer die or no die depending on version

1. Set it up

a. Split into 2 teams

Alternate players from each turn so you can keep an eye on each other

b. Sort your cards

- Choose which color words to play this game (then use a different color next game to keep it fresh) On the braille sheets, each corner of the paper represents a different color.
-Check all cards are facing the same way
-Put a handful on the table with your chosen color facing down. (You will flip the top card to play.)

2. Aim

Get your team to say the Guess word at the top of the card. But don't use any of the Taboo words in your description... Or the other team will squeak you!

3. Play

One team guesses while the other team turns the timer and holds the squeeker. If playing with blind players, using an accessible timer such as a iPhone might be helpful.

On Your team's turn to guesses

1. Choose one player on your team to be the describer. Give them the stack of replacement cards. These cards have both print and braille on them

2. The other team chooses someone to hold the squeaker and start the timer. That person peers over the describer's shoulder or both of them feel the same card. If the describer uses any Taboo words, they squeak em! or buzz them depending on the version.

3. When the timer starts, your team's describer immediately:
-Flips the top card.
-Describes the top word on the color you've chosen to play without saying the Taboo words!
-Puts any cards that get squeaked to one side.
-Keeps flipping cards and describing new words for your team to guess.

4. When the timer runs out, your team's turn is over.

-Score 1 point for each card you guessed successfully.
-Give 1 point to the other team for each card that your skipped or got squeaked.

5. Then it's the other team's turn.

When to buzz/squeak!

Buzz/Squeak when the describer breaks any of these rules!
- Don't say any part of any word on the card! (e.g. you can't say 'space' or 'ship' because the word is 'spaceship')
-Don't use sneaky plurals! (e.g. you can't say 'feet' for 'foot')
-Don't gesture!
-Don't make noises or use sound effects!
-Don't say 'sounds like' - that's too easy!
-Don't use abbreviations! (e.g. don't say 'TV' for 'Television)
-But do sing if you feel the urge!
-Do have fun!

4. How to win

When all players have taken equal turns as the describer, the team with the most points WINS! If there's a tie, just keep playing

5. Game-Changer Die

If you've mastered the classic game, mix it up by rolling the game-changer die before the timer starts! Not all versions contain the die but it is always included in the kit.

a. One guesser - Choose only one teammate to guess on your turn.
b. Double the time - When the timer runs out, turn it over and keep going! To keep it fair, the other team does the same on their next turn.
c. Statue - Sit perfectly still while giving clues. The other team flips your cards.
d. All Play - Both teams can guess the word being described
e. Classic play - Do nothing. Follow classic rules.


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