Taco Vs Burrito Rules

Taco Vs Burrito

The Goal

To build the weirdest, wildest, most valuable meal

The Setup

1. Choose a Taco or Burrito
Each Player chooses to be a Taco or a Burrito! In the base game, it doesn't affect how the game is played.

2. Shuffle the deck and deal each player 5 cards
Each player starts the game with 5 cards. There isn't a minimum or maximum number of cards you can have in your hand.

3. Make the Draw Pile

Place the remaining cards face down in the center of the table. This will be called the Draw Pile.

4. Make the Trash Pile

Leave space next to the Draw Pile for discard pile. This will be called the Trash Pile.

5. Check for Health Inspectors

No player should begin the game with a Health Inspector card in their hand. If you have a Health Inspector, shuffle it back in the deck and take a new card.

6. Decide who goes first

Because the creator was 7 when he created the game, we suggest the youngest player goes first.

After the first player begins, move clockwise around the table.

How to Play

On your turn, simply draw a card and play a card! Players take turns moving clockwise around the table. See the following pages to learn more about how to play a card.

Play continues until the Draw Pile is empty.

When all the cards in the Draw Pile are gone, continue playing but skip the draw part of your turn. DO NOT reshuffle the Trash Pile.

The game is over when ANY player plays their last card. IMPORTANT! You cannot block a player's last card!

Tally up each player's points to determine the winner. Add up all Ingredients and subtract all Tummy Aches and then multiply by 2 for each Hot Sauce Boss. If you have 2 Hot Sauce Bosses, multiply by 4. Remember the Hot Sauce Boss doubles Ingredients AND Tummy Aches!

The player with the most points wins!

On your turn

On your turn, you draw a card and then do one of the following:
(You cannot skip a turn but you can discard a card.)

INGREDIENTS are placed in any Taco or Burrito to increase the value of the meal.

TUMMY ACHES are placed in any Taco or Burrito to reduce the value of the meal.

HOT SAUCE BOSS can be placed in any Taco or Burrito to double the value of all Ingredients & Tummy Aches. If you have two Hot Sauce Bosses, the value of your meal is multiplied by four

Hot Tip: You can play Ingredients, Tummy Aches,
and Hot Sauce Bosses in any meal, not just your own!
ACTION CARDS have different effects. After you play them, they go in the Trash Pile. See following pages for more information about each Action Card.

Action Cards

When you draw a Health Inspector, all the contents of your meal must immediately go into the Trash Pile and your turn is over. This is the only Play Immediately card in the game. Additionally, the Health Inspector is unblockable.

Use No Bueno to block another player's card at any time during the game.
And yes, you can block a No Bueno with another No Bueno to make it a Si Bueno! And yes, you can keep playing No Buenos if you have them.

When can you play a No Bueno?
You can play a No Bueno at any time during the game EXCEPT when someone draws a Health Inspector.

Can I No Bueno a player's last card?
No. It can't be blocked because the game is instantly over when anyone plays their last card.

When you No Bueno a card, what happens to the card? The card goes into the Trash Pile and has no effect.

When you play a Crafty Crow, you steal any item from one other player's Taco or Burrito and place it directly in your meal, not your hand!

When you play a Trash Panda, you can select any card from the Trash Pile and put it into your hand.

Can I Trash Panda a Health Inspector?
Yes. If you had too many Tummy Aches, you could Trash Panda a Health Inspector to immediately throw your meal in the trash!
Can I Trash Panda a Trash Panda?
Yes, but only two times in a game.
Can I discard a Trash Panda?
Yes. You can discard any card but that move counts as your turn.

Each player flips over a card from the Draw Pile beginning with the player who called the Food Fight. The player with the highest value Ingredient wins and chooses any one of the flipped cards to put into their hand. The Food Fight is placed in the Trash Pile and all remaining flipped cards are shuffled into the Draw Pile.

The winner of the Food Fight takes the next turn.

What is each card worth?
Ingredients are worth the value on their card. All other cards are worth zero including negative value cards like Tummy Aches.
What if everyone flips and no one gets an Ingredient? Everyone flips again until there is a winner. The winner chooses a card from all the cards that were flipped to add to their hand.
What if there is a tie?
The people who tied flip again and the other players are out. The winner chooses a card from all the cards that were flipped to add to their hand.
What if there aren't enough cards to finish the Food Fight?
If at any time you run out of cards in the Draw Pile and can't complete the Food Fight, the Food Fight is canceled and all flipped cards are shuffled to make the remaining Draw Pile.

When you play an Order Envy, you can pick any player and swap your whole Taco/Burrito and your hand with any other player. You can even swap seats if you want.


What if someone plays an Order Envy as their last card? The meals are swapped and the game is instantly over. The player with the highest value meal wins. You cannot block any player's last card.
Can I discard the Order Envy card?
Yes. You can either play or discard an Order Envy. If you discard a card on your turn, your turn is over.
Can I No Bueno an Order Envy AFTER the switch?
No. The original player's turn is over immediately after you switch hands and meals, even if your new hand contains a No Bueno. You can only block an Order Envy with a No Bueno before the switch.


More Ways to Play

Secret Taco Vs. Burrito
Same basic rules but players place cards in their Taco or Burrito face down. Other players can't see the cards you've put in your meal but you can look. Opponents playing a CRAFTY CROW must select a card blindly.
Super Secret Taco vs. Burrito
Same rules as Secret Taco vs. Burrito, except no one can look, including you, even after an ORDER ENVY has been played.

The Legend of King Taco

When he was just 7, Alex (a.k.a. King Taco) announced he was going to create a game called TACO VS. BURRITO. After months of dreaming up weird foods and wild actions, his dream became a reality one magical Taco Tuesday. Even today, King Taco rules the Hot Taco empire, cooking up new game ideas and TvB expansion packs(unless he has to go to school that day!)

Thank you for purchasing TACO VS. BURRITO and supporting this amazing young entrepreneur


Team Taco & Team Burrito