The Crew Log Book


August 24, 2006: you remember it
well. After years of discussion, the
General Assembly of the International
Astronomical Union declared that
Pluto was not a planet. Between one
day and the next, suddenly only eight
planets orbited the sun, with Neptune
now the last.
As years passed, data from the
Voyager 2 and New Horizons space
probes showed mysterious distortions.
A new theory arose: perhaps a 9th
planet does exist.
Seeking conclusive evidence, a
spaceship was readied to search for
the ninth planet.
All that remains is the question: With
which crew? Will you volunteer?
Together, we'll attempt 50 different
missions. But we'll only succeed if we
work as a team.
To overcome the various challenges,
communication is essential – but it’s
more difficult in space than


Tasks: 1.
Congratulations! You have been
selected as a pioneer in humanity’s
grandest adventure: the Search for the
Unknown 9th Planet.
As soon as you arrive at the training
ground for the final tests, you'll be
sitting in your first training phase:
Team building.


Tasks: 2.
You are perfectly coordinated with
each other. Your mental connection,
the so-called drift compatibility,
forecasts successful cooperation.
Now it’s time for training phases 2 and
3: weightlessness and technology


Tasks: 2.
Tiles: 1,2.
Next are the Energy Supply and
Emergency Prioritization training
They require a high degree of logical
thinking to understand and apply the
lessons. Your mathematical
proficiency helps here.


Tasks: 3.
The last training phases cover: the
spacesuits’ Advanced Auxiliary
Systems, the Recalibration of the
Control modules, and the
Reorientation of the Communicators.
Once this is completed, your true
mission can begin!


Other: Sick player must win 0 tricks.
Oh, no! One of you is sick and stuck in
bed. After everyone has looked at
their cards, your Commander asks
everyone how they feel. You may
only answer with "Good" or "Bad".
The Commander then decides who is
ill. The sick crew member may not
win a single trick.


Tasks: 3.
Tiles: >,>>.
Radio Tile: None.
After this minor setback, a final
training phase is necessary. Space can
lead to a variety of unforeseen
circumstances, so a reception dead
spot has been simulated.
This will test your ability to work when
communication is restricted.


Tasks: 3.
Tiles: Omega.
Your adventure begins today!
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-LIFT OFF!
A huge force presses you into your
seats – there is no turning back now.
Surrounded by deafening noise, you
leave the ground, the country, the
continent, the planet.


Tasks: 3.
Tiles: 1,2,3.
You reach lunar orbit and are
weightless – an indescribable feeling.
Even during further tests, joy
overwhelms you. You look back at the
Earth that was your entire existence
until now, and you can already cover it
with your thumb.


Other: A #1 card must win a trick.
An alert sounds! A tiny piece of metal
has become jammed in your
electronics and must be removed. To
avoid damaging the circuit boards,
steady hands are required.
A 1-value card must win a trick.


Tasks: 4.
After fixing the circuits, you are ready
to leave the moon behind.
You relay your status to Earth, start all
control and monitoring systems, and
ignite the engines.
This will truly be a giant step: for you
and for humanity.


Tasks: 4.
Tiles: 1.
Radio Tile: None for chosen player.
Radar reports a dense meteorite field
The Commander appoints a crew
member to handle the necessary
course recalculation. Since the task
requires the highest
concentration, this particular crew
member can not communicate.


Tasks: 4.
Tiles: Omega.
Other: After 1st Trick, draw 1 card
from player to your Right.
You tense as you pass closely by the
meteorites. In the excitement you
mess up your paperwork, which
causes a few minutes of confusion.
Immediately after the 1st trick, each
of you must draw a random card from
the crew member to your right. Then
continue playing normally.


Other: Win a trick with each of the 4
Rocket (trump) cards.
Despite the course change, you took
some damage. The control module
shows a drive malfunction. Perform a
propulsion test on all drives to
pinpoint the problem.
Win a trick with every Rocket card.


Tasks: 4.
Tiles: >,>>,>>>.
Radio Tile: None.
Approaching Mars, you see Olympus
Mons, the highest volcano in our solar
system. You take photographs of it,
and then of Mars’ two moons -
Phobos and Deimos.
Irritatingly, the planet’s proximity
interferes with proper communication,
creating a reception dead spot.


Tasks: 4.
Tiles: 1,2,3,4.
Leaving Mars and its interference
behind, you daydream about
chocolate bars. Suddenly, the collision
alert sounds and you are hit by a
meteorite. Immediately seal off the
four damaged modules and begin the
repair process.


Other: Do not win a trick with a #9
The shock was worse than the
damage, which you mostly fixed.
However, the 9th Control Module,
which monitors your suits’ life support
systems, was severely damaged in the
collision and has failed.
You cannot win a trick with a 9-value


Tasks: 2.
Other: Do not win a trick with a #9
The 9th Control Module is so badly
damaged that the repair is taking
longer than planned. At the same
time, you also have to monitor your
course and send updates to Earth.
You are still not allowed to win a trick
with a 9-value card.


Tasks: 5.
Radio Tile: Only after 1st Trick.
You set course for Jupiter as you fly
into a Dust Cloud. Your
Communication Module adjusts,
initially failing, but seconds later it
shows an amazingly good connection.
You are only allowed to communicate
starting with the 2nd trick.


Tasks: 5.
Tiles: 1.
Radio Tile: Only after 2nd Trick.
The longer you are in the Dust Cloud,
the stranger your Communication
Module acts. It fluctuates between
crystal clear and completely
incomprehensible. The severely
impaired periods become longer.
You may not communicate until the
start of the 3rd trick.


Tasks: 2.
Other: Commander distributes Tasks.
The Dust Cloud finally clears and the
Communication Module is working
again. You see before you the glorious
gas giant, Jupiter. Your awe is
interrupted as you notice the two
damaged Radar Sensors.
Your Commander determines who
receives the tasks and carries out the


Tasks: 5.
Tiles: 1,2.
Radio Tile: None.
After the repair, you notice the cloud
has brought you too close to Jupiter.
Its approximately 2.5-fold gravitational
force is changing your course.
You work fiercely to counter Jupiter’s
pull and reach the ideal exit point.
You hardly notice the reception dead


Tasks: 5.
Tiles: >,>>,>>>,>>>>.
Just when you’ve escaped Jupiter’s
pull, the temperature suddenly drops.
All Control systems sound the alarm
and you immediately put on your
suits. The Regulation Module barely
matches the adjustment. Reroute the
power supply to other modules, one
by one, to avoid a total system failure.


Tasks: 5.
Tiles: 1,2,3,4,5.
Other: Swap 2 Tiles.
Most modules are on emergency
power while you are investigate the
rapid cooling. After passing Callisto,
one of Jupiter’s 69 moons, you seem
to have escaped the frost field and
temperatures have stabilized.
Reactivate the modules on standby.
Before you select the Task cards, you
may change the position of two Task


Tasks: 6.
Other: Commander distributes Tasks.
The unexpected incident has messed
up your operations. There are lots of
repairs and everyone wants to
haphazardly rush to fix them. So that
you can proceed in a structured way,
the Commander takes the initiative
and draws up a plan.
The Commander distributes the
individual tasks.

(25) [5-player*]

Tasks: 6.
Tiles: >,>>.
Radio Tile: None.
You reach Saturn, admiring the bands
of rock and ice that circle this Ring
planet. Barely monitoring your boards,
you sink into astonishment at this
grandiose spectacle.
The convenient reception dead spot
leaves your awestruck contemplation


Other: Win 2 Tricks with #1 cards.
A loud bang breaks you out of your
contemplation. Two pieces of rock
from Saturn’s rings have torn holes
into your ship's hull. The automatic
systems immediately seal off the
effected area. You must carefully
remove the rocks without increasing
the damage.
Two 1-value cards must win one trick

(27) [5-player*]

Tasks: 3.
Other: Commander distributes Tasks.
The rocks have damaged more than
the hull: the flux compensator has also
been damaged. Although not an
immediate problem, the compensator
must be repaired if you want to return
Your commander decides who will do
the repair.

(28) [5-player*]

Tasks: 6.
Tiles: 1,Omega.
Radio Tile: Only after 2nd Trick.
Your instruments show an unusually
high level of cosmic radiation. You
continue your flight, only to find that
your radio messages either do not
arrive at all, or are very time-delayed
at the receiver. It is not possible to
work smoothly.
You may not communicate until the
start of the 3rd trick.


Radio Tile: None.
Other: No one can win 2 tricks more
than others.
Your Communication Module is more
damaged than estimated. The repair
requires a series of tests and
calibrations that you must carry out
together and precisely.
At no time may a crew member have
won 2 tricks more than another crew
member. Communication is

(30) [5-player*]

Tasks: 6.
Tiles: >,>>,>>>.
Radio Tile: Only after 1st Trick.
You postpone the second part of the
repair, as you are heading straight for
Uranus. Its smooth, pale blue surface
makes it look almost artificial. You tear
yourselves away from this fascinating
sight to finish the Communication
You are only allowed to communicate
starting from the 2nd trick.

(31) [5-player*]

Tasks: 6.
Tiles: 1,2,3.
As you slowly move away from
Uranus, you receive a message from
Earth requesting the collection of data
on the moons of Uranus. Due to the
disruption it's too late, so you can only
see three of the 27 moons – Rosalind,
Belinda and Puck. That'll have to do
for now.

(32) [5-player*]

Tasks: 7.
Other: Commander distributes Tasks.
Despite the good conditions, it is now
noticeable how long you have been
traveling together and how all too
human characteristics come to light.
To avoid a heated confrontation,
everyone delves into their work.
Your Commander takes over and
distributes the individual tasks.


Other: 1 Player must win exactly 1
trick without using a Rocket (trump)
One of the hatches is broken and
needs repaired. But leaving the ship
puts one person at risk.
After everyone sees their cards,
Commander asks each about their
readiness. You can only answer with
"Yes" or "No". Commander then
selects a crew member. The selected
crew member must win exactly 1
trick, but not with a Rocket card.


Other: Commander
must win first and last trick. No one
can win 2 tricks more than others.
Neptune is already in sight when your
ship begins to shake. Monitor the
Stabilizers so you don't lose control.
The Commander must realign the
Gravity Module.
At no time may a crew member have
won 2 tricks more than another crew
member. Your Commander must win
the first and last trick.

(35) [5-player*]

Tasks: 7.
Tiles: >,>>,>>>.
Excitedly you reach the outer planet of
our solar system: the ice giant
Neptune. Its deep blue makes you
shiver. While passing Neptune, you
receive another message from Earth.
The spacecraft Alpha 5 orbits
Neptune, but has damaged sensors.
Locate and repair them.

(36) [5-player*]

Tasks: 7.
Tiles: 1,2.
Other: Commander distributes Tasks.
Amid all the emergencies,
responsibilities, and uncertainties of
this adventure, everyone is stressed.
You use one of the rare calm moments
to find out more about each other.
Relieved of a burden, you re-dedicate
yourself to the challenges ahead.
The Commander distributes the
individual tasks.

(37) [5-player*]

Tasks: 4.
Other: Commander distributes Tasks.
You reach the dwarf planet Pluto.
Many years ago it would have been
the 9th planet. You daydream about
memories of your parents explaining
astronomy and reflect on how time
changes things.
Nevertheless, the ship must be kept
on course.
The Commander decides who takes
care of it.

(38) [5-player*]

Tasks: 8.
Radio Tile: Only after 2nd Trick.
You reach the Heliopause, the edge of
our solar system. If calculations are
correct, the 9th planet can't be far. As
your instruments move, you almost
jump off your seats. But unfortunately
it is only a flicker.
You are only allowed to communicate
starting from the 3rd trick.

(39) [5-player*]

Tasks: 8.
Tiles: >,>>,>>>.
Radio Tile: None.
Wait! Your modules’ current readings
could only be generated by really
gigantic objects. The effects are so
massive that even your radio signal is
Recalibrate your instruments and find
out what's really behind it.

(40) [5-player*]

Tasks: 8.
Tiles: 1,2,3.
Other: You may move one task tile to
another card
without tiles.
You close uncertainly on the object: is
it another moon of Pluto? No, you’ve
found it! The 9th planet!
The surface scan of the planet
suggests a solid crust. That would
mean that it is not another gas giant,
but walkable.
Before you choose the Task cards, you
may move a tile to a card without a


Other: 1 person must win both 1st
and last Trick without using Rocket
(trump) cards.
You adjust the engines and prepare to
coordinate a landing in unknown
surface conditions.
After everyone looks at their cards,
Commander asks each about their
readiness. Only answer "Yes" or
"No". Commander selects a person.
This person only wins the first and
last trick. Since only the thrusters are
used for position correction, both
tricks may not be won with Rocket

(42) [5-player*]

Tasks: 9.
The planet is extremely cold and
inhospitable, but seems habitable.
You notice an area that seems to
elude your instruments. The closer
you get to this anomaly, the more
glaring the measurement errors
become. What presents itself
transcends your knowledge of science.
At least you can roughly narrow down
the phenomenon, because the results
normalize when you move away.

(43) [5-player*]

Tasks: 9.
Other: Commander distributes Tasks.
In the name of science, you venture
closer. The laws of gravitation seem to
reverse the closer you get to the
anomaly and you anchor yourself to
the planet's surface with vibranium
hooks for safety. Your Commander
secures the rest of the crew and
distributes the individual tasks. The
results allow only one conclusion: You
have discovered a wormhole.


Other: Win 1 Trick with each Rocket
(trump) card, in 1 to 4 order.
Until now, wormholes were at just a
theory. Now one looms over you like a
black monolith - incomprehensible,
but with an enormous gravitational
pull. You send a message to Earth and
prepare the engines for the jump.
Each Rocket card must win a trick.
First the 1 Rocket, then 2, 3, and 4.

(45) [5-player*]

Tasks: 9.
Tiles: >,>>,>>>.
The effect is overwhelming! You are
strapped into your seats and feel like
you're everywhere at the same time.
Colors and shapes change, light feels
like a swirling mass that behaves
like an intelligent being and envelops
You focus on your displays and try not
to lose your mind.


Other: Player to the left of the one
with the pink 9 must win all pink
Overwhelmed by an incredible
number of sensations, you still react
instinctively to danger. When all the
main modules of the ship suddenly
shut down during the jump, the red
warning lights tear you out of your
trance-like state.
The crew member to the left of the
one with the pink 9 must win all the
pink cards. Declare who owns the
pink 9.

(47) [5-player*]

Tasks: 10.
You are at the end of your rope. The
jump now feels like a prison in which
you can no longer distinguish between
reality and imagination.
Your body screams that you can barely
stand 10 seconds longer, but your
mind questions how long 10 seconds
are in actuality.
You count them down – and suddenly
burst out of the wormhole.

(48) [5-player*]

Tasks: 3.
Tiles: Omega (in last trick).
Disoriented, you still notice the radical
temperature fluctuations. The first
modules begin to fail in the pervasive
heat. Even in your regulated suits,
you’ll pass out in seconds. You quickly
need to activate the emergency
protocol, extend the heat shields and
get far away from the heat source.
The Omega task must be won in the
last trick.

(49) [5-player*]

Tasks: 10.
Tiles: >,>>,>>>.
Waking up, all is normal. But you can
hardly believe your location: orbiting
Venus! The wormhole is a direct link
between the 9th planet and the 2nd
planet. This explains the extreme heat,
as Venus is much closer to the sun
than Earth. It takes a moment until it
dawns on you: You can go home!
Check all 10 main modules, but pay
special attention to life support, drive
and communication. Set course for


Other: Player A must win only Tricks
1-4. Player B, only the last trick.
Returning is hard. Some modules are
broken and you fight the sun’s pull.
Use gravity deflection to create the
jump. Then, control the ship modules
while starting the approach to Earth.
Everyone looks at cards. Player A
must win first 4 tricks. Another must
win the last. All others must win all
middle tricks. Commander asks
everyone for preference, then all
decide together who takes which


You have landed safely on Earth.
Reunited with your loved ones, you
are happy to be back home.
Your surprising return through the
wormhole is big news. A deeper
analysis of the 9th planet confirms
that its surface is suitable for
colonization. Your discovery opens up
amazing possibilities. Future
astronauts could explore space from a
station built on the 9th planet. You
have truly helped usher in a new age
of space travel!