Yoink!: A tactile dexterity
microgame that players play with their eyes shut.

by Emily and Richard Gibbs

For 2 to 7 players


Yoink cards and an amount of totems equal to 1 less totem than the number of players e.g. 5 players = 4 totems (Totems are not included. We suggest dice or pennies)


An amount of totems equal to one less than the number of
players are placed in the center of the table. Each player is dealt out three cards. Players make certain that their starting
cards do not include a trio and exchange cards until they do not.
A trio consists of three cards which satisfy all of these

1. Each card has the same number of icons, or they each have a different amount of icons.

2. Each card has the same symbol, or they each have a
different symbol.

3. Each card has the same background shading, or they each have a different background shading.

Once all players have been dealt their cards all players close their eyes (or put on a blindfold) and the game can begin.

The dealer selects the top card from the pile (so he/she has 4 cards) and then passes one card to the right. The next player picks up the dealer’s passed card, chooses one of their own cards to pass, and play continues with the next player. The last player discards his chosen card into a “discard pile”, while the dealer continues to select cards from the draw pile.

As long as a player has discarded their card they may draw
another card from either another player or the deck. If the player to the right is slower this may cause a build up of cards as they stack up or a player may find that they have no cards to draw at a given time.

As soon as a player has a trio, they take a totem from the pile in the middle of the table while loudly declaring ‘YOINK!’ ‘Yoink!’ must be said for their trio to count. At this time, all other
players scramble to obtain their own totem.

After all totems are claimed, the possible trio is evaluated. If the trio fits all the established criteria, it is valid and the player without a totem is out. If the trio is determined to be invalid, the player who yelled ‘Yoink!’ is out.

All cards are returned and the player to the right of the last dealer becomes the new dealer. The totems are replaced in the center with one less than the number of players remaining.

When only two players are left, the pile is placed in the center both players can draw from the draw pile. They must discard their card to the center before drawing another card. Each player can have a maximum of 4 cards at any given time and
there will be 2 piles at the center, one discard and one draw pile. Players may draw from either of them.

Any players caught with their eyes open during play are out. Eliminated players should help enforce this.

The game is over when only one player remains and that player wins.

Illustration: Tiffani “Razz” Byers
Game Design: Emily and Richard Gibbs
Playtesters: Jacque, Patrick, Cindy

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